MASKK Activity Booklets

Created in partnership with others or using resources freely available online, these booklets have been used for supporting children and families during the lockdown periods. Primarily included in Healthy Hampers from October 2020 too, with over 3000 copies of each distributed. The Healthy Holiday editions including recipes created or adapted by Manor and Castle Development Trust.

You are very welcome to download and use/change them with no permission needed. If you are to use them to print on a large scale though, you don’t need permission, but please email just so we can monitor how wide they have gone. Please also send any feedback or suggestions too. Please note all the contact numbers are local to Manor Castle so please change these or delete them.
When we have distributed them we have included the basic resources they need too, often fitting in a single A4 envelope.

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Family Ideas and Activities

Spring 2020 – Family Activity Book V1 edited

Spring 2020 (2) – V2 MASKK Indoor Physical Activities

Outdoors PackSummer 2020 – Outdoor Activity Book V3

October 2020 – Healthy Holidays Activity Pack

Christmas 2020 – (short due to removing copyrighted items for use online) Healthy Holidays Activity Pack Online

February 2021 – Healthy Holidays Activity Pack Online

Easter 2021 – Healthy Holidays Easter Booklet