What a fantastic summer we’ve been having, we’ve enjoyed a whole range of activities including visits to parks, some exciting science experiments and arts. We’ve also made great use of our newly improved garden enjoying water play, bubbles, digging and more.

This summer we continued with a reduced capacity to help us keep the children and team safe, which meant we are full most days, meaning we unfortunately could not fit you all in when you needed. We will be looking at how we can extend our capacity in future holidays but some days we still have people booking places and not attending or canceling when others needed those spaces. Please note you are still expected to pay for these sessions booked as per our terms and conditions.

Last week MASKK was inspected by Ofsted and I am unable to share the result until the report is published, but once it is you can read it here: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/16/EY559859

MASKK have also continued to support the Healthy Holiday programme and ran events and activities across the area, some specifically to support those receiving free school meals.

With September approaching though these some important information I need to share:

  1. Since February I and some of the senior team have been working 7 days most weeks without a break to ensure we could cover all the sessions, support the bookings and information coordinating with schools, Sheffield City Council and Track & Trace as well as support/cover our staff & volunteer team who have been off sick or isolating. Therefore the MASKK Trustees have made the decision to close the week commencing 30th August. This will be our first good break since Christmas. We will therefore be opening the after school club (ASC) on 6th September.
  2. Some schools are still on holiday past the official end date of 27th August – we apologise but as mentioned above we will be closed.
  3. Before we re-start the ASC, or your child next attends the holiday club, we need you to log in to your account and double check your’s and your child’s details are all correct and up to date – including the child’s year and class, not doing so may result in delays collecting your child while we search for them and means the other children have to wait too.
    We have also noticed some of you have put your number in the emergency contact details meaning we have no back up to contact in the event of an emergency. This must be updated as soon as possible or let us know why. No emergency contact would mean we have to contact the duty social worker at Sheffield City Council in the event we could not contact you.
  4. Could I please remind you all to read the description of the activities you are booking. This includes important information about suitability, details about activities, meals, special terms about cancellations etc. We’ve been using this to share details of any changes specific to an upcoming session.
  5. Due to covering most of our sessions I have fallen behind on reconciling accounts, particularly childcare vouchers. We have taken on a part time admin worker who will soon be helping me get back on top of this, I thank you for your continued patience while you wait.

Finally it wouldn’t be an email from MASKK this year without mentioning Covid-19. While legal restrictions have ended, and the rules around isolation change on Monday, we continue to follow the guidance set by the Government, the Department for Education, Sheffield City Council and our Union to ensure we continue to keep the children and our team safe. Therefore in September we will continue to close at 6pm to allow us time to deep clean daily and we will not be providing an evening meal. Parents will still be asked to wait at the door too. We will however increase the number of children at sessions and get out more resources and toys and look to recruit more team members to support this.

As normal any questions or comments please email me craigjudson@maskk.org.uk and I’ll get back to you.


Craig Judson