For all parents/carers who access SNIPS services through MASKK,

Sheffield City Council is consulting parents/carers who access SNIPS services and proposing significant changes that will, in our opinion, potentially have a massive affect on many families being able to afford services for their children with disabilities. You can have your say on these proposals via the link at the bottom. The proposals include:

  1. The Short Breaks grant would be stopped at age 18 instead of the current age 19
  2. The £400 Short Breaks grant would no longer be available for families with a household income above £21000. Plus if you have a Short Breaks grant you would no longer be eligible for Short Break services or respite services
  3. If you attend the after school club as part of your SNIPS service and your household income is above £21000 then you will have to pay for the cost of the after school club, except if you receive certain benefits (see below)
  4. If you access the Holiday Club or the Saturday Club and have a household income of above £21000 you will be asked to pay £7 for each planned session paid in blocks (as recommended by Sheffield City Council), or £10 if more than one child in your family attends. Again, certain benefits would make you exempt (see below)
  5. Look at starting a provision for 16-25 year olds offering both overnight stays and daytime support

The FAQ provided by Sheffield City Council lists the following benefits as making you exempt from having your income assessed for the short breaks grant, however, this list may change and does not state if these are the benefits that would make you exempt from paying for the cost of the sessions:

  • Universal credit (except in such circumstances as may be prescribed)
  • Income support under Part VII of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992
  • Any element of child tax credit (except the family element of working tax credit)
  • Any element of an income-based jobseeker’s allowance

Additionally, should these proposals go ahead it is not clear how long it would take to assess every family’s situation, and what will happen to services during the assessment process.

We are keen for every parent/carer to have their say in the proposals and explain to Sheffield City Council how this will impact you and your family. Please visit to complete the consultation.