Manor Castle Rocks

#ManorCastleRocks aims to encourage people to get out and about to visit and enjoy our local green spaces. While there look out for one of our painted rocks and take a photo to upload here. Don’t worry if someone else has found it: but see if you can complete a full set before others. All posts are verified by an admin before being displayed publicly, but remember this is a public forum and others will be able to see anything included in the photo, so try not give away too many clues on where you found it. Please avoid touching the rocks in the interest of social distancing and remember to always follow the current government guidance. Throughout this we will have competitions – the first of which is who can get a set of 10 – we will arrange delivery of a small but fun prize. 

Not sure on where our local green spaces are? Click Here to see a map kindly commissioned by Manor Assembly to help find our local resources.

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