Since our creation MASKK has relied on grants and donations to help us meet our charitable aims. Over the years the reliance on these to cover our core running costs has reduced but without grants and donations we would not be able to accomplish all we do in the community.

One example is that thanks to donations we were able to create our Creative Thursday project, these sessions then enabled local children to become involved in theatre production and even perform on stage at the Crucible Theatre. Read more about our performance in 2023 here:

As a charity we apply for grants from various sources. Often these grants are required to be for new projects, they are not always successful and sometimes the timescales can leave us with a gap. This is where our fundraising helps. Having general donations means we can afford to cover the costs of projects developing, meeting a new need, waiting for a grant decision or help us enhance what we do. 

Grants from Sheffield City Council have to be spent by 31st March each year, but they do not release new ones until May, June or even later. This means any projects funded by Sheffield City Council will always need to stop or we need donations to cover the gap.

MASKK welcome donations from individuals, groups or businesses. Although if you are a business we would expect our ethical ethoses to match. If you are representing a business and would like to make a donation towards our work please email

Over the years parents have been a great help for us, from planning one-off sponsored events to setting up regular giving. In 2022 one local person trekked across the Sahara desert to raise money for MASKK and S2 Food Bank.

If you are making a financial donatation to MASKK in any form we can potenially claim another 25% in Gift Aid at no cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer the UK Government will give us 25% extra upon submition of a Gift Aid claim. To enable us to claim Gift Aid on your donations please complete this form:

Below are some of the ways in which you can support MASKK either by personally donating or supporting us by planning a fundraising event.

Local person completed her trek across the Sahara Desert


You can make a one-off or monthly donation securely via PayPal. You don’t have to be a PayPal member, you can use a card.

If you are already a PayPal user you can also select donate in their app and search for MASKK. There you are able to donate yourself or click’ Start a fundraiser’ and search for MASKK to create a 30 day running fundraiser page. Great if you want to do a sponsored event or activity for us. People who donate will also be able to select to Gift Aid their donation. 

Give a Little by SumUp

Give A Little is another secure way of donating to MASKK. This link can be easily shared too

Online you can select an amount to give, or in person at events you can donate by card too. 

Using Facebook

Facebook allows users to select a charity to fundraise for. In your status you can select Raise Money or visit for more information. MASKK can then be searched for and chosen. 


If you are planning or attending a fundrasing event and wish to rasie money on behalf of MASKK, for example a coffee morning, we can provide a donation bucket and leaflets. When the cash is returned we’ll then count and bank it.

Give as you shop

At no cost to you Easy Fundraising allows you to raise money for MASKK while you do your online shopping.

Sign up for free and every time you use links from their website, or install their simple browser add-on, to shop at participating retailers MASKK will receive a donation. 

Buy us a gift

We use an Amaon Wish List to track requests from children and items we need as an organisation. If you are wanting to help MASKK you could choose an item to buy and we’ll have a lovely surprise recieving it.