MASKK have always believed that to provide a quality setting we need a quality team. That’s why we invest so much effort in to supporting people to learn and develop while they are with us. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in any setting but at MASKK we like to make sure our volunteers have the same access to training and development as our paid team.

Chat to us if you are interested in volunteering here at MASKK. Other local volunteering opportunities are avaiable too, download our local guide here: Volunteering locally WebVersion

But MASKK also believe that good practice should be shared, and by working with others we can learn and develop ourselves too. That’s why in 2018 to 2020 we started delivering an Intro to Playwork as part of the Councils Life Long Learning and Skills Programme. This course was accessed by local people, parents, grandparents or people who just wanted to learn more about children. 3 of our staff team were recruited after doing these courses. But in 2022 we decided to build on this and reached out to Pitsmoor Adventure Playground.

We need more playworkers

With the closure of About Play (formally known as Sheffield Out of School Network) in 2016 Sheffield lost its only source of hands of playwork training. The gap has been felt by many who missed the provision ranging from introductory hands on sessions up to level 4 NVQs for Managers.

MASKK since then have been working with our friends at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground to do what we could but in 2022 and with Yanina’s help we created the more structured Discovering Play Course. The aim was to create a first step, a look at what is playwork and why is it important, feeding the learner in to an accredited course. 

The course aims to provide anyone, parents, carers, workers, volunteers etc with a simple and practical introduction to what is playwork.

The first courses have been funded by Sheffield City Council and the first participants were welcomed to the Sheffield Town Hall by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. The Lord Mayor, SionedMair Richards our local councilour, was a playworker once too and appreciates how important our industry is and the impact we have on the lives of children. 

Once a learner has completed the Discovering Play course we have worked with MaTReC (Manor Training & Resource Centre) to create and deliver a Level 1 Award in Working with Children in a Community Setting. This NOCN accredited course which can lead on to a Level 1 Certificate is a first step to gain recognised learning experience.

Supported by Sheffield City Council and the Healthy Holiday (HAF) Team as a way for new providers or those expanding their activities to learn more about providing a quality holiday activity experience. 

MASKK are now supporting MaTReC to create additional opportunities. We are able to delvier an Entry Level 3 in Volunteering and writing a Level 1 Catering for Children in the Community. We also hope to launch a Level 2 Outdoor Play.

Alongside these NOCN courses with MaTReC, MASKK have started to learn more about PARS Playwork Practice. Craig and Emma are completing their PARS Level 2 and Level 4 with aim of also being able to bring these qualifications to Sheffield too. More information will come in the coming months. 

If you’d like to talk to us more about our training and development opportunities then please get in touch. Call Craig or Emma on 0114 2395739 or email