On Saturday 29th July children from MASKK came to the Crucible to present the show they’ve been working on for weeks in Creative Thursdays.

The play was called ‘Sheffield, What’s That?’ and it imagines that some Manor children encounter a couple of talking sheep who have never visited Sheffield. The children take them on a visit to some of their favourite places: Manor Lodge, Parkhill Flats, Manor Library and the Botanical Gardens. The sheep are very impressed with their trip, but have to be taken back to their field at the end.

The show was presented in the Tanya Moiseivitsch Playhouse, as part of ‘Together Too’, a programme supporting creative projects in community groups around Sheffield.

And didn’t they do well? The sheep had a great time being taken on a tour of local sights by the children  and they were frightened by the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, impressed with the views from Parkhill Flats, shushed by the librarian in Manor Library, before they ended up in the Botanical Gardens with a song in celebration of the places they’d visited. The sheep had to be stopped from nibbling the grass there! At the end the children’s teacher and the teaching assistant were quite bemused about what had happened. After the play, the audience enjoyed a song written and performed by one of the children about summer.

There’s no doubt that the kids had a whale of a time at the Crucible and it will have given them confidence in themselves for the future. If you can keep going even when there’s a baby in the audience making a noise, you’re already a real pro!

A big thank you to Kiela and Morven for their patience and good humour in running the workshops (and Morven wrote the script, even though the children came up with the ideas). Everyone had a great time.

The kids have had tremendous fun doing this, and it will have given them new confidence, whether or not they go on to a career in showbiz! And it shows how proud they are of their area and their city.

Craig Judson

Play and Development Manager, MASKK