We’ve had a fantastic summer here at MASKK and looking forward to another great school year of After School Club to come!

Bookings are open, but before you book please log into your account (https://maskk.magicbooking.co.uk/Identity/Account/Login), click children and edit your child’s classroom.

The After School Club bookings will now only display correctly if you have your child’s correct school and a year group selected. This is to ensure children are booked in from the correct school and appear on the correct escorts list. Some of you have not updated the school year for some time so please ensure it is correct – it does not automatically change. 

Bookings will continue to be shared with schools to support our pick up and safeguarding procedures. 

If you’re child is going to be a new starter in the new school year then we are inviting them to come and join us for Meet, Great and Play on Tuesday 30th August, 1pm until 3pm. A free session for them to be dropped off and get to know us before we collect them from school. This can be booked via MagicBooking.

If you’ve not seen already a local person, Kerry Pacey, is treking across the Sahara desert this November and aiming to raise £800 to support MASKK and S2 Food bank, please click here to learn more https://bit.ly/3QOBlMD

As normal, any questions get in touch. If it’s about our playcare Kirsty will be able to answer your questions, kirsty@maskk.org.uk or give us a call. During term time Kirsty starts at 1pm each day.