Easter Monday was April Fools Day this year, and the weather had decided that it was going to have some fun at the expense of MASKK and the planned Easter Crafts and Fun Day at Manor Fields Park. It dawned wet and miserable, with a grey pall over the city and a thin drizzle falling. ‘Call this Easter weather?’ the planners thought. ‘We were expecting bright sun and only the very occasional April shower.’

In fact, Craig, Emma, Jack, Kim and Sam hadn’t thought any such thing, and they were prepared for the worst with their big gazebo, the Spudbuddies jacket potato van, the drinks from the kitchen, not to mention the cunning Big Easter Egg Hunt-with-no-eggs-outside. In fact, the weather wasn’t that bad, everyone ignored it and, being ignored, it started to improve.

Under the gazebo children were creating beautifully detailed colouring pages and making fluffy white pompoms to sit in tiny plant pots as – who knows what? Led by Lisa from Manor Church and Community Project.

Other children were taking their guide card and setting off to find the right pictures of eggs, planted all over the park, to match the pictures on their cards. At each picture they found a letter, and when they had found all the egg pictures and put down the letters on their card, they spelled ‘Easter’! Once they had the set, they could go to the kitchen and claim a real chocolate egg. Ingenious.

Meanwhile on the field, ignoring the dampness, children were dribbling footballs, shooting arrows at targets or trying their hand at full size Connect Four. Led by the energetic team from Community Wellness Service and ActivKids.

Some 68 children turned up for the day’s activities, and once again they and their parents were grateful that MASKK were able to put on free activities for them. Thanks to a grant from the Healthy Activities and Food Programme and Manor and Castle Development Trust. 


Nick Jowett