Dear parents/carers

Please do take the time to read this information carefully.

Registration – do you still need us?

You are receiving this email because you have a registered account with MASKK. If you no longer wish to remain registered please log into your account and deactivate it, or email us and we’ll be able to deactivate it for you.

Bills and Balances

To reassure you that despite the growing cost of living crisis and our costs continuing to increase, and we face challenges including occupancy going up and down each week along with new competition opening, we will not be reviewing fees until March 2024.

We have had a few questions about paying balances because MagicBooking show them as ‘Overdue’ even if the session is far in the future. MASKK remain happy to receive payments spread out if you wish, especially if booking a whole term.

If you are struggling to pay your fees please do get in touch and we will do our best to help.

If you are claiming Universal Credit you may have already seen a new option in your Account section of Magic Booking called “Payment Proof”. You can enter your claim period dates and download a statement to upload to Universal Credit to claim support back towards the cost of your fees. Currently you must pay us first to claim the support back but we hope DWP will change this soon.

Summer Holidays

We have so much going on this summer across all our projects with full details here

A few planning details to be aware of about our Holiday Childcare Club:

  • Monday 24th July we are going on a coach trip to Scarborough. Meeting at 8am and returning for 6:30pm. More details will be sent to those booked on.
  • Tuesdays we get out and about (leaving at 9:30ish and back for 2:30ish), using walking or public transport to enjoy more of our city and beyond. Details will be shared ASAP but are also displayed in our window.
    Tuesday 29th August though will be a longer outing as we’ll be using trains to visit Cleethorpes beach along with members of Wybourn Kids Club. Times will be confirmed nearer the time.
  • Wednesdays we are trying something new – a Teatime Forest School in Manor Fields Park. Each Wednesday at 3:45pm we will walk up to York House/Manor Fields Park. There we will be lead by Wez (currently studying Level 3 Forest School Leadership) and supported by Emma (also a local Scout leader) to engage in nature and the outdoors. Craig will be at York House with those not wanting to participate. Collection of all children will be from York House, 535 City Road S2 1GH, on Wednesdays NOT Temple Park Centre.
    We ask that parents on Wednesdays collect by 3:45pm or at 6pm to allow the children to get the most out of the session. If you need to collect during the session please let us know.
  • Healthy Holiday activities will be taking place here at MASKK too, we’ll be welcoming children to come and play together with us on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s a great way for children from across the community to play together. If you’re child receives means tested free school meals ensure you sign up to access a range of free activities across the city.

September Updates:

  • From September 2023 you will be able to book the full school year (if you know and need a set pattern) and you will have the option to ‘Pay By Instalment’. MagicBooking will then create a monthly payment for you to spread the cost. You will still of course be able to add or cancel dates and if done so in the notice period receive a credit.
  • Ready for September please remember to update your child’s class and double check we have correct and up to date information.

Please remember we are hear to listen, we love hearing feedback weather positive or suggestions to help us improve. Email is the easiest way to catch us or give us a call or text too. If you’d like to chat to a co-ordinator in person just ask them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Craig Judson