Dear parents and carers,

We hope you have all had a great summer holiday and the children are excited about going back to school.

We have had a very busy summer as normal here at MASKK but we are starting to prepare for September and wanted to highlight some important information. I’ve also attached the updated Welcome booklet for your reference and it can be accessed here: Welcome Handbook.pdf

Our summer holiday provision ends on Friday 1st September. 
MASKK will be closed Monday 4th September to give the team a much-needed break.
Tuesday 5th September our team will be onsite from 12:30pm until 6pm and able to answer queries and help with last minute bookings as well as having a good clear up.
Between 2pm and 5:30pm on 6th new starters are welcome to come and visit us with their parent/carers and meet the team. 

Bookings Now Open 

After school club bookings for the whole academic year are open, you can now book from September 2023 to July 2024! The aim of this is to allow you to select ‘Pay By Instalment’, a tool that calculates your monthly bill to help you budget. You can select this option to pay by card, childcare vouchers or tax free childcare. You will still be able to make changes, cancel dates or add dates (and if you do this with 48 hours’ notice you will be credited)
 Make sure you select the correct end date though if you only want to make a short booking!

Changes or weekly bookings still need to be made by the previous Friday (6pm) please, although we ask that you please book as far ahead as possible to help us arrange escorts.  

October half term bookings will open ASAP.

When making a booking please also take the time to click ‘Read More’, we use this to put further information you might find useful. 

Personal Information Updates

I ask that every parent/carer logs into their account over the next week and checks that all the personal information about yourselves and your children is correct. Importantly updating the year group/classroom information. 

Other information we require is at least one other Emergency Contact and other people you give permission to collect your child. 

For parents who share booking responsibilities the option under the account section of creating ‘Additional Account Holder’ allows you to create an account for the other parent/carer to enable them to add contact information and make their own bookings too. It also means that both parents would receive email/text updates. 

You will also see a pop up saying some consents need updating. We have added some information to remove implied consent and give you the option to opt out of Forest School activities and to us providing personal care. Please note that if we do not have your consent for personal care we will contact you to come and collect your child should they require it. 

Log into your account here:

Accidents and Incidents

We want to improve communication and clarity of recording accidents and incidents and MagicBooking provides a tool to help us do this. Over the next term we will be transitioning to digital reporting rather than paper forms. One of the benefits includes an email with details sent to yourselves as soon as it is recorded, meaning you can have a read and ask any questions when you arrive. It will also help us better track patterns which helps us to learn. 


It continues to be a pleasure to provide activities for your children, each of them are fantastic little humans and we hope they enjoy coming to play as much as we enjoy having them. 

But we always welcome feedback and appreciate all the positive comments but also comments that help us identify areas we can learn and develop. If your child isn’t happy about something we want to know. Look out for our annual questionnaire being sent out in September but you can always email us or ask to speak to one of the co-ordinators. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to another fantastic school year!

Yours sincerely
Craig Judson
MASKK Manager