This week we face a heatwave hotter than anything we’ve dealt with before.
We will keep the after school open for those who need us BUT if you don’t need us, perhaps you’ll be out of work early, we are offering refunds for last minute cancellations.
Please TEXT 07784838169 to cancel if you don’t need your child collecting – please do not forget, we do not want to spend time standing in the sun while the escort tries to locate a child that didn’t need collecting. If you have already cancelled online and it hasn’t refunded you let us know and we’ll credit your account.
We will also be implementing the following to help keep us all safe:
  • Changing some of our walking routes to stay in the shade more
  • Encouraging the children to wear their hats and please send sunglasses
  • All escorts will be carrying suncream in case a child doesn’t have any
  • Promoting drinking water every 15 minutes
  • Planning activities at the sessions that are calmer and relaxed – this will include more arts / crafts and a bit more screen time than normal