We have had what feels a very fast half term with 6 sessions since we first opened Wybourn Kids Club and there are a few important things to make you aware of so please read the whole of this email.

We have worked with the children to try and create a place where they feel free and safe to play, using their ideas and suggestions to plan activities they would enjoy and many have given us some great feedback. However there have been some learning opportunities along the way and things we can improve, particularly around behaviour and this is where we ask for your help to.

Some children have ended up upset because of the words and actions of others and perhaps felt anxious about coming again. Please be assured that we have spoken with the children and last week they created their own new club agreement that includes promoting respect and using kind voices, hands and feet. We ask that you help us reinforce this and please understand that if a child continues to not follow this they may be asked to miss a session.

Wybourn Kids Club is free, it only takes place because of local people giving their time for free and they do not deserve to come along and be spoke to the way some have. If the volunteers leave then the club will sadly close.

That said we know some children need a little extra support with their emotions, or are becoming overwhelmed in the small and very echoey building. We’ll happily talk to you about some of the other more specific activities we might be able to signpost to so that they still have an activity to join in with.

Other key information:

  • Tomorrow (Thursday 1st June) as it’s the holidays we’ll be having an evening meal together (still free). We’ll be enjoying chicken hot dogs, veg sticks and nachos. The children will then be learning some basic knife skills and helping to make a fruit cocktail. We’ll be asking them their ideas for Summer too including their ideas for a trip in August.
  • From next week (Thursday 8th June) we need to tweak the session times to support the volunteers who then leave to go volunteer at Scouts. The sessions will still start at 4:30pm but finish slightly earlier at 5:45pm.
  • The children have asked for more messy activities and we’d love to do them – we are worried about school uniform though, perhaps consider letting them change their jumpers into older clothes before coming.

If you’ve got any questions or anything you’d like to discuss please get in touch with myself or Emma via email or you can call our office on 01142395739.