The news of the new lock down is sinking in and we have received further guidance on the new restrictions from the DfE and local authority.

We can remain open for the provision of care for children of key workers (whose parents are not working from home and have no alternative option) or those vulnerable and requiring a respite.

We are closed today, as are the schools and so I will shortly refund and cancel your session for today if you had made a booking. 

As I confirmed in my previous email MASKK will endeavor to remain open to provide care for those who need us, but we need your help and so please:

  1. Log in to your account and cancel sessions you no longer need (email me if you struggle with this and I’ll manually do so)
  2. Email me to confirm if you will still require after school childcare and please state your job roles and reasons (e.g. nurse, no one at home to provide care), the local authority may conduct an audit to ensure we are only providing care to eligible children
  3. Continue to book/cancel as far in advance as possible to allow us to book the staff. Some days we know we will have no children so we will need to plan rotas to let people people if they are working. MagicBooking will require a minimum of 3 days notice but please aim to amend any bookings by the previous Friday. 

Please be aware that it might only be your children in that day, but we’ll continue to do our best to plan engaging sessions and activities. We will of course continue with our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and clean environment with a change being that you might see team members wearing a mask or face shield when in corridors or smaller spaces. We’ll ensure we still aim to make the children feel comfortable.

While you are home learning too please do let us know if you need help with simple things like printing or resources! We have a printer sat here and happy to have you email items for us to print for you to collect. We also have a range of simple things likes paints, glue tape, scissors etc if you need anything let us know.

Any questions then get in touch, I’ll be on email most of day until late or drop us a text or call. My direct number is 07784465026 or I’m also holding our regular numbers too 0114 2395739 / 07784838169 which will be answered until 7pm tonight.

Take care and stay safe

Craig Judson