As the summer holidays come to an end MASKK are looking to September onwards but as yet can not confirm we will be able to open.

The Department of Education updated their guidance late on 20th August and so we’ve spent the weekend reviewing what our services might look like in light of this and other changes being made by schools.

The Guidance for parents was also updated, to see the latest please visit:

At MASKK our economy of scale comes from providing a pick up service for all year groups from 4 different schools. This is going to be very difficult to facilitate due to the implementation of risk assessments and bubbles. Most schools are also implementing staggered finishing times and some of them are insisting that MASKK do not wait on school grounds for the different year groups. This lack of flexibility means any service we offer will be very limited and look very different.

Financially MASKK’s after school club has always ran at a loss, relying on income from other projects to subsidise it so that it can be affordable to all who need it. A reduced number of places, reduced demand, and the significant financial losses we have already endured, means the service might not be financially viable.

To help us plan and prepare we are asking all our childcare parents to complete a survey, by Thursday at 3pm when the management team are holding a planning meeting.

To access and complete the survey please click here:

If you have any other comments, suggestions or questions please email