Dear Parents and Carers

The country continues to implement measures to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and we at MASKK have been following this guidance carefully. Until very recently this required us to stay closed and not offer any face to face services. Although we have provided support and activities through phone calls, texts, surprise drop off and orders through our online shop, where you can still purchase activities.

However last week the Government issued new guidance for Out of School Club providers such as MASKK, that means we can now start to work towards planning a start date for a summer programme.
For more information please see the guidance for parents here.

The guidance has been used to start a plan to re-open when the schools close for Summer. Please note in Sheffield the local authority designated start date for the summer break is Wednesday 22nd July and therefore we can not open until that date at the earliest. 
Jo has produced a new Covid Risk Management document and Jo and Kirsty have been working with our staff team to develop new practices. The team attended a training day last Friday and the council have provided us with the resources we need including PPE, visual aids, infrared thermometer and guidance. Our full risk management information will be shared on our website once completed.

During this period MASKK has also had to relocate while our landlord has works done to Temple Park Centre, including new and additional toilets, entrance way and internal reconfiguration. This was always planned but due to the pandemic and furloughing of staff, managing the situation and maintaining our core offer for vulnerable families, our capacity for communication has suffered. I am sorry for the alarmingly short notice but MASKK this summer will be operating from MaTRec, 304 Prince of Wales Road, S2 1FF. MaTRec is an adult training centre and closed for the summer, therefore we will have full use of a great resource. In fact the building lends itself better to supporting our implementation of social distancing by providing multiple rooms and a secure backyard for lots of outdoor play. Ofsted have been informed of the temporary re-location and the council have helped us assess our plans ready for us providing care for the young people they refer.

Opening will look very different and more details will be finalised Wednesday, but in brief the following changes will be implemented:

  1. We will only be able to provide 12 places per day.
  2. There will be set session times:
    1. CHILDCARE: sessions 8:30am until 3:30pm (until 4pm for those struggling to collect before). 
    2. SNIPS SHORT BREAKS: sessions 10am until 2pm (to be confirmed)
  3. We will require you to book the same day/s each week so each days group remains the same and therefore even if one week you do not need it will be added to your booking.
  4. We will need you to provide a packed lunch for your child and a water bottle we can refill, but we will provide snacks, pieces of fruit and access to disposable cups for additional water.
  5. We will not be able to refund or swap missed or canceled sessions.
  6. We need you to confirm your child will not be attending other settings in the same day (either before or after MASKK)

These changes will not be easy for everyone, especially the lack of flexibility for bookings. MASKK historically has been proud of our flexibility to support parents who might work shifts or zero hours. However the organisation is currently forecasting a financial loss and we need to ensure a basic income to allow us to cover our more basic costs. This will ensure we can still be here when we get closer to ‘normal’. We also need to ensure consistent groups each week to do our best to keep our children and staff safe.

More details will be sent Wednesday, including how to book and our actual return date. Until then please get in touch with if you have any questions or you can still call the office line which is diverted to our mobile.

Your sincerely

Craig Judson